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Date:  7-8-2018
Number of Hours:  3.80
Manual Reference:  Emp 6-7 to 6-8
Brief Description:  Building the rudder skeleton and trimming the elev

The first thing I did today was finish dimpling the ribs for the rudder. I used the thin bucking bar that I made for the practice kit. It has a hole drilled in it that has been countersunk to form a dimple die. I used that with the male dimple die in the rivet gun and dimpled the four holes on each rib that I could not reach with a squeezer.

Next I used the band saw, and in a few cases snips, to separate the stiffeners from one another. I then trimmed the flanges of all the stiffeners using the band saw. I cleaned up all the edges and then began looking at how to make the J, K and L stiffeners from the existing stiffeners. I misread the plans and thankfully Vans corrected me on how to measure to trim the stiffeners. I would have cut off way too much. That’s what I get for working so late! In reality I needed to trim off about ⅛ inch.
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