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Date:  6-15-2018
Number of Hours:  7.50
Manual Reference:  Emp 6-6 to 6-7
Brief Description:  Building the rudder skeleton

Today I prepped the rudder skeleton for assembly. I started by clecoing the R-606PP, -607PP and -608PP reinforcement plates to R-802PP spar. I then used the band saw to fabricate the R-717 spacer and both R-716 bottom attach strips. I trimmed the R-710 as described in the plans. Then I cleaned up all the edges of all of the pieces. I enlarged the middle hole in the R-704 rib flange to ⅜ with the unibit for the red end. I clecoed the remaining pieces of the skeleton together.

I clecoed the R-703 to the R-802PP and then drilled the holes to #30. Then I removed the R-703.

I fluted the forward flange of the R-703 so that the holes in the R-713 lined up with it. Then I clecoed the two pieces together and drilled all the holes common to the two pieces to #40.

I moved on to the pre-punched holes in the -802PP spar web. These included all of the holes to the reinforcement plates. I did run in to a bit of a conundrum. There are two holes in the R-606PP and the R-405PD that I can’t find anywhere on any of the plans or drawings. There are no pre-punched holes in the spar that match. I emailed Van’s about it but have not heard back yet.

I drilled the holes between the R-710, R-405PD and R-704 to #30.

I clecoed on the R-801PP skin, R-703 and R-713 to the understructure. With the -801PP skin clecoed to R-704 and R-802PP I drilled the holes in the R-710 using the R-801PP holes as a guide. I then clamped on the R-716 pieces and match drilled the holes from the R-801PP. It all went without a hitch!

Finally, I match drilled all of the holes in the -801PP and under structure to #40. I then disassembled everything and dimpled all of the pieces that needed to be dimpled. There are four holes left on each of the ribs that I could not reach with the squeezer. I have close quarters dimple dies coming from Cleaveland that will finish those.
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