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RV-10 Project - N786PS
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Date:  10-4-2009
Number of Hours:  6.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Attened EAA SportAir Workshop - Electronics

Today was the last day of the Sport Air workshop.

Covered communications, ignition systems, and ultimately built a small project that simulated cabin lighting systems.

The class was worth the time. But I came into the program with a pretty good understanding of DC electronics. So not all of the class was new material.

In general, it gave me more confidence because I couldn't believe the number of people who haven't touched a soldering iron or wired any small science fair experiments. Which polarity is a light bulb, switch, and fuse???

Not saying I'm smart, but when I see the number of people who don't really have a foundation of DC electronics building airplanes - it makes me feel more confident that I'll be able to get through this without the so many issues.

Time well spent.
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