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Date:  4-21-2014
Number of Hours:  1.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Wing controls

We attempted to attach all the controls (flaps and ailerons) to make some preliminary adjustments and to see if there were any interferences. It's a good thing we did.

The flaps hooked up fine. After making some adjustments at the rod-end bearings we were happy with the adjustments.

We went to attach the aileron pushrod to the control triangle, but found we could not quite get it to fit because of some interference with the end of the tube that connects the right and left controls together. The solution would be to cut the end of the tube (it's superfluous metal) to allow the bearing to fit. BUT, we found there was a larger problem on the pilot's control stick.

None of this will make sense without photos, but for my own records:
In a nutshell, when the pilot's stick is vertical, the control horn it is fastened to is not. The tube noted above, is therefore too short from bolt to bolt, which is why there was interference. With the pilot's stick not parallel with the control horn, the control stop does not allow full port deflection, and the number of threads that the rod end bearing is gripping, does not meet the 5/16" minimum.

So, I need to remake, or fix through welding, the pilot's control horn and stick, and the tube connecting the two control sticks. Sigh...

Better to find out now than when I get it to the airport and have less access to my workshop and tools.

Took the wings off, put them in the basement on the wing stand, and put the fuselage back into the garage so I can keep working.
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