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Date:  8-11-2012
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  W02/T02
Brief Description:  Hinge pin cotters

Installed the cotter pins that prevent the hinge pins from exiting the hinges. The hinge pins themselves are made so the ends are short of the hinge halves. That way there is room to drill small 3/64" hole through the ends of each hinge half. A cotter pin is then installed (photo #1).

Here's the deal:
- Those 3/64" drill bits are not readily available except by mail order
- I don't know about yours, but my hinge pins are in there so tight I can barely pound them out with a pin and a hammer. So I don't think the cotters are really necessary, but I'm sure they will make your DAR happy.
- Those 3/64" bits are so thin they break at the drop of a hat! They are nearly paper thin and, let me say it again, are so thin they break at the drop of a hat! BUY LOTS OF EXTRAS! I bought 6 and snapped all of them before completing all the hinge holes.
- There are 7 control surfaces, requiring 2 cotter pins each, so a total of 14 holes need to be drilled. To be safe, allow at least 1 drill bit per hole.
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Cotter pin in place

Cotter pin in place

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