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Date:  5-18-2014
Number of Hours:  1.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Wing finally installed!

The wings are finally installed!!

My wife and I tried to get it done by ourselves, but we couldn't see the holes, push in the wings, and align the rear spars with only 2 people. So we called a friend.

Here is what worked for us:

1. Push the right wing is as far as it can go. We could not get the wings to set if we tried to push in the left wing first.
2. On the right wing, one person wiggling the wingtip and pushing in, one person in the cockpit looking for the rear spar holes to align, and one person at the inboard wing, raising and lowering the wing go get the rear spar holes to align.
3. Use my tapered temporary pins to get the right rear spar set.
4. Do the same for the left rear spar.
5. Wiggle and push the wings until the left forward spar holes aligne. I didn't bother with the temporary pins. I used the tapered trailer hitch pins, and used a rubber hammer to get the pins installed.
6. Do the same for the left wing.
7. Go back to the rear spars and pull the temporary pins, replacing them with the bolt hardware.
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