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Date:  4-25-2007
Number of Hours:  1.50
Manual Reference:  nose gear
Brief Description:  Brace assembly

Fabricated a jig for welding up the nose gear brace assembly. I used 1/2 all thread and nuts tacked in place to hole spacing for the attach points. The overcenter link is called out in a DCN to 1X1x.125 wall ( which is hard to find ! -and the reason this piece is still in pieces) . I choose a piece of 3/4 by 3/4 squar tubing for locating the over center link . The 3/4 tube was layed out and drilled to match the appropriate distance from center to center . When the .125 wall tube is fabricated it will be slipped over the jig tube - holes lined up - and bolted in its apropriate postion.
Then the tubes be fitted . I have built all my gear jigs in this manner .

I think I have found 1x1x.125 wall - except - I need 6 inches but may have to buy 6 foot .
Still waiting for wood - I thought I would make ribs at a rate of one per day , I could continue
finishing up the gear while that process began but it appears I will need a minimum 30 day lead time for wood orders from A/C Spuce .
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