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Jay's Cruzer
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Date:  5-1-2019
Number of Hours:  9.80
Manual Reference:  C75-NA-1
Brief Description:  Doors

2.6 Hours
Clean, deburr left door frame and parts. Removed bubble from frame. Up drilled to #20 holes in latch backing plate for A5 stainless rivets. Installed foreward latch mechinisum. Looked at the fitting of top window to windshield. Not good.

Received the missing stainless A5 revits from ZAC
4.1 Hours
Riveted the corner braces with AS5 ruvets on right door and the latch bracked on the left door. Removed right door to the table. Place inside guessets, up-drilled, deburred and riveted. Put door back on aircraft to check fit. On and off a few times to get the correct fit.Lay out rivet line for bubble.

3.1 Hours
Drilled pilot holes in right door frame at about 80mm pitch. Placed bubble on frame. Taped a cut line on top edge and trimmed with Dremel tool to tape. Sanded cut smooth. Back drilled through the two top corner guessets and a couple spots on top tube and clecoed. Back and forth to aircraft to get fore and aft edges of bubble to fit in door jambs. Not quite there yet. Norma removed spill over paint from factory then held work light for me while I was cutting bubble.
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Right door in progress

Right door in progress

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