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Jay's Cruzer
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Date:  4-26-2019
Number of Hours:  9.30
Manual Reference:  C75-NA-1
Brief Description:  Left door bubble

6.4 Hours
Drilled holes through the bubble at the four guessets to #30 and a few on each side of left door. Mounted door on aircraft and tape lined sides and bottom for cutting. On to table and, using Dremel cut-off wheel, cut the sides and bottom. Then on and off a bunch of times to get correct clearance on edges. Lots of sanding. Could not fine in photo manual what rivets to use to afix bubble to frame. Called Zenith. Answer was 5/32" aluminum. About two hour later, found in the photo manual that it said 1/8" aluminum. Called Zenith back and talked to Steve. He said that was a mistake and to use the 5/32". There is 120 rivets included with kit. I said that would not be enough as I had 82 holes drilled on just the one door. He said I should have only 4 or 5 rivets per side between the guessets. I have twice that number at 40mm pitch. Needless to say, right door will be different than the left.

2.9 Hours
Up drilled the 82 holes each in frame and bubble of left door to 5/32" Started to drill the left forward door strike plate. Didn't realize it was stainless steel. Think I work hardened it on first hole. Get new bits on way home.
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Da bubble

Da bubble

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