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Jay's Cruzer
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Date:  4-24-2019
Number of Hours:  11.20
Manual Reference:  C75-NA-1
Brief Description:  Doors

2.8 Hours
We moved the aircraft from the right side of shelter to the left to be able to work on right door. Smoothed out top edge of bubble with a random sander. Cut notch for wing bracket. Layed out rivet line on door frame and set for pitch 40mm. Pilot drilled then up drilled to #30. Cleaned off markings and deburred.

5.2 Hours
Drilled #30 holes in left door frame top tube between the flush rivets for attaching the bubble. Tweeked the bend in lower aft corner to get door to hang flush. Drilled two drain holes in bottom tube near bends. Started on the right door.. Finally got the OB corner guessets pilot drilled and clecoed to tubes. Warning to others: both of the foreward square tubes were barely long enough. Be careful cutting. Bottom and aft tubes OK.

3.2 Hours
Drill four pilot holes in each of the four corner brace. Held in place and back drilled into the square tubes. Clecoed where I could. Up drilled to #20, Removed braces one at a time, deburred, returned to frame,and riveted with the AS5 rivets. Five rivets short. Hello, Zenith.
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Right door clecoed

Right door clecoed

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