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Air Camper Construction Log
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Date:  7-8-2009
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Magnaflux Crank Shaft

Tom Lucito referred me to Stanley Morton at STK Specialties (performance machine shop) in order to get my crank shaft magnafluxed, so I took it over today. I spoke with Bobby and he was the one who performed the inspection. I didn't see much of what he did, but I know that he placed the crank on a set of rollers, then placed a large round magnet around it, soaked it with some type of fluid and inspected it closely under a green light (blacklight of some sort). He said it looked fine and asked what type of work I wanted done. I told him I was unsure, so he talked to me for some time about the different services they provide. These guys are highly recommended by Tom Lucido, who I am very pleased with, so I think I'll have them grind and thread my crank, grind connecting rods, bore cylinders, etc. I believe I can complete most of my rework tasks locally with STK and Lucito's, which will be nice.
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