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Air Camper Construction Log
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Date:  7-6-2009
Number of Hours:  0.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Engine Cylinder Replacement

Looking through some e-mail today and I came across a message from a Corvair guy in Michigan, Dan Konkle. I believe he must have read an old post of mine on the CORSA forums or perhaps Craigslist when I was in search of a Corvair engine. He asked if I ever found a suitable engine... I informed him that I had, but I had an accident with one of the cylinders (broken cooling fin... noted in a previous entry). He told me that he had all kinds of engine parts and asked me what year my engine was. I told him a 1966-110 and he offered me a choice of standard or oversized bores for $10. I told him that I would prefer a standard bore... he sent me his address and I sent a check. Wow, one problem solved with very little effort... where is my EASY button?
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