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Date:  10-15-1964
Number of Hours:  0.00
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Brief Description:  The dream begins...

I don’t know exactly when I fell in love with all things “flying” – but I also don’t know of a time when I didn’t look skyward for anything of interest…whether it be airplane, bird, eagle, helicopter, hot air balloon, whatever. I just thought flying, and being above the earth looking at everything, would be a neat perspective. There was also the feeling of being free – flying thru the air, not being constrained to sidewalks, highways or gravity – to just go where you want to go moving in all three dimensions…and get there quickly! In case you were wondering – Yes, Superman is the most desirous superhero because he can fly!

I used to finish my schoolwork early so that I could ask the teacher for a library pass to go lookup airplane articles, pictures and books. When I was around 8 years old, my dad arranged for me to go up with a friend of his – his name was Les Stolly and he had a Cessna 150. If I recall, Les also had an AT- 6 at one time, but I didn’t get to go up in that one. We went up for a short time – saw the house, the neighborhood, friends’ houses, etc. The funny thing is I don’t particularly remember any specific details of that flight – as it was so long ago, but I know it was a special time in formation of my aerial DNA.
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