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Jims RV-8
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Date:  4-29-2023
Number of Hours:  1.30
Manual Reference:  8-44
Brief Description:  Torque the Landing Gear nuts

The gear saddle bolts/nuts are torqued to 240 in/lbs, and the middle AN7 bolts/nuts are torqued to 450-500 in/lbs. The trusty torque wrench I used during the build has an operating range of 20-150 in/lbs, so it will not work for the landing gear nuts, especially not on the two AN7 bolts in the middle! Greg let me borrow his big torque wrench, but unfortunately, it starts at 25 ft/lbs (300 in/lbs), so it would work for the larger nuts but not the smaller ones. So, I went and bought a new torque wrench and tightened the nuts today.

The gear saddle nuts are a breeze to tighten since I have the bolt keepers installed in the gear towers with the bolts facing down. Otherwise, it would take another hand holding another wrench to secure the bolt head, which is a very crowded environment. The instructions say to hand tighten the nuts and then tighten each saddle nut in increments of 5 in/lbs until you reach 240 in/lbs. I also checked the clearance in the gear saddles and the wear plate, and it was adequate.

Next, I torqued the large nuts, and for these, I needed my beautiful assistant, Teresa. These bolts face up, so the nuts are inside the cockpit, which is done for clearance. I reached inside while Teresa held the bolts, I torqued the nuts, and we were done in no time.
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