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Date:  11-12-2019
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Spinner Issues

Attempted to install spinner backing plate; discovered that as installed in accordance with the manual, the spinner alignment plate bolts cannot be removed due to clearance issues with the ring gear. Discussed the issue with Whirl Wind and researched on VAF site. Determined that the spinner mounting plate bolts need to be inserted from front to back, opposite of instructions. Jeremy at Whirl Wind also gave additional advice on installing prop:
1. Leave spinner off for first engine run. Torque prop bolt (actually a stud/bolt/roll pin assembly) to spec, but do not safety wire yet. If the engine/prop is vibrating from imbalance, it may be necessary to re-clock the prop 180 degrees to see if that helps prior to dynamic balancing.
2. Clearance issues while applying safety wire to the prop bolt may require that the bolt be loosened slightly to run the safety wire, then re-torque to spec. Don't safety wire until after the first engine run and the installation is permanent.
3. PROTECT PROP BLADES VERY WELL! The trailing edges of the composite prop are very susceptible to nicks from dropped tools during assembly. Wrap the props very carefully with padding to prevent any damage until just before running the engine.
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