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Patrick Kelley (Flion)
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Date:  11-23-2011
Number of Hours:  5.00
Manual Reference:  None
Brief Description:  Fab AHRS mount, run NAV coduit

I pulled the conduit for the NAV antenna in the VS through the tail cone to the baggage bulkhead.

Then I turned my attention to the AHRS mount. Originally I had planned to put it in the tail opposite Van's recommended location (the O2 mount prevented the normal location) but on deciding to put the magnetometer in the wing changed that. Rather than run two lines to the tail for the AHRS, I thought it would be better to move it forward. Besides, the same interference for the O2 being on the right (too close to the pitch servo) holds true for the AHRS. The tunnel is too crowded, and so are the systems bays under the front seats, but the space under the rear seats are unused.

To get the AHRS under the rear seats, I would have to reverse a seat rib flange. I cut it off and fabbed a new flange from angle, along with a doubler for strength. I've marked the opening in the seat pan and will make a cover plate that will be topped by the seat cushon for access to the AHRS. Next I needed to make a mount for the AHRS mounting plate and to level the unit in the aircraft.

I chose to make a three-piece mount, web and two angles, so that I could get an exact fit between the ribs. The web was notched to clear the right rib's stiffening beads and the right angle relieved to match. I installed the right angle on the rib, leveling it to the airframe for and aft. Then I clamped the left angle to the web and used the web to position the angle, checking level across and fore/aft. Once it was clamped to the rib and I was happy with the fit, I drilled the angle to the rib and then the web to the angle. Then I riveted the angles to the web and used the mounting plate as a template to drill for the mounting bolts and drilled and installed the nutplates before finally installing the mounting plate.

Rivet count: 20 Total: 14526 - Plus 549 done at Van's
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