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Patrick Kelley (Flion)
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Date:  6-4-2011
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  17-2.4
Brief Description:  Build wing cradles, correct some previous work

Cut the parts for the wing cradles. I borrowed some time on Jack Keegan's bandsaw to cut out the inner part. I then drilled for 1 x 2 poplar spacers and screwed the cradles together. Then I applied some weather strip inside the cutouts and taped the top part.

While I was doing that, Brad Ransom dropped by so I showed him the progress. Naturally I discovered that I had clecoed the forward wing walk upside down and had forgotten to dimple a few locations where the J-stiffener runs between the wing walk doublers. Fortunately, I was the one who noticed them. So, off came the inboard wing while I flipped the forward doubler over and dimpled the holes I missed. Then I clecoed the skin back on.
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