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Date:  6-21-2008
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Finished the left elevator and trim tab troubles

Prepared the parts of the trim tab including the piano hinge attachment to the trim tab spar of the left elevator. Constructed the trim tab and riveted the trim tab hinge to the left elevator.

Bent the trim tab edges and I wasn't happy with the result using seaming pliers. Primed the trim tab parts masking carefully where the foam ribs go.

Constructed the foam ribs and used tank sealant and the clamps from plywood and set the ribs and set aside.

****First OOPS***

I am not happy with the trim tab. I don't like the bends of the ends with the seaming pliers and I didn't get a good dimple for the pop rivets to set flush like I'd like. The tab when mounted on the left elevator fits perfectly and there is no "binding" of the proud pop rivets on the elevator but I made another mistake. I riveted the hinge with the actual hinge pointing upward instead of downward. After speaking with Ken at Van's he suggested I remove the rivets and switch the hinge around, since I didn't like the trim tab anyway I decided to order new parts and construct an entire new trim tab with new hinge.
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