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Date:  5-24-2008
Number of Hours:  5.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Left elevator work

Assembled the skeleton of the left elevator. Match drilled everything and deburred all parts. Cleaned all parts with MEK, etched with EkoEtch and primed all parts with EkoPrime.

After the parts rested following priming for an hour and the primer was strong, I reassembled the left elevator and began riveting.

Riveted all but the piano hinge for the trim tab.

The trailing edge AEX wedge being short in length I decided to forgo the idea of using tank sealant for the double flush riveting and instead used the technique in the Orndorf video. This riveting technique produced a perfect straight trailing edge, but I believe if the AEX is longer than this the tank sealant is a good idea.
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