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Date:  3-18-2011
Number of Hours:  6.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Start engine

Spent 1 hour cleaning up yesterday's glass work.

Prepared engine for start then with help of Mike Snyder, started it. It started right away. Ran on both, mag, and EI. Ran 2 runs about 1 minute each. Normal oil pressure, manifold pressure, cht, and egt. Fuel flow was indicated but accuracy could not be determined. No RPM or Fuel pressure indications. Did not cycle prop. Shut down normally with mixture.

Spent rest of day troubleshooting lack of Fuel Pressure indication. Verified fuel was getting to pressure sender. Verified EIS settings with Sandy at GRT. Checked wireing on D sub connecter behind EIS. Inconclusive. Will consult with Wayne Monday.

Beautiful Aerocomposite prop finally unwrapped. See picture below
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Prop unwrapped!

Prop unwrapped!

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