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The RV-10 Dream
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Date:  9-28-2014
Number of Hours:  14.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  G3i Update on EI.

The saga continues.

After establishing a good battery ground and believing that this would be the issue, I left the aircraft last week to finalise the process this week.

I found and corrected two bad leads. Replaced one and adjusted another to get the right harness operational.

Testing and results over the weekend followed the below:

1. Left Automotive harness and plugs on Right Aviation harness and plugs on and bypass the Electronic Ignition (EI)
RPM's reflected correctly

2. Both Mag harnesses and plugs automotive and bypass the EI
RPM's reflected correctly

3. EI on, left Mag on, Right Off
RPM's reflected correctly

4. EI on, Right Mag on, Left OFF

5. EI on, RPM sensor disconnected, left Mag on, Right Off
RPM's reflected correctly and equal to zero (0)

6. EI on, RPM sensor disconnected, Right Mag on, Left Off
RPM's INCORRECT. In other words Right Mag introducing the error to the system.

The result suggests that the EI is introducing an error based on the right Mag.

Thomas has been great working this through and it has been quite educational on the process of isolating the issue. Of course we are not at the end as yet, however, we believe we have narrowed to the culprit.

More to come...
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