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The RV-10 Dream
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Date:  9-22-2014
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  G3i Looking good - bad battery

This evening I re-routed the sensor line away from all other wires and put everything back together.

I started out with the Mags and Electronic Ignition basically reading the same using the Aviation leads and plugs......Wow!!! Was that it?

But the story thickens....

Flew a quick flight across from my home airfield (i.e. Bacchus Marsh) to Ballarat to then fly onwards to Hamilton and Colac return.

Filled up at Ballarat and then went to go.....hardly turning. Something is wrong.... Found a nice LAME with a BIG battery and we tried a jump start. (I thought I had flown without the Alternator on)....

No go.... even with the big battery, not turning..... a little more investigation revealed a bad battery ground.

This must have been causing the following things:

1. No start of the Engine.... big hint
2. Voltage readings in excess of expected values
3. Shielded sensor wire providing WORSE results than unshielded
4. Noise in the system

In addition the problems with the leads of two not working correctly providing additional arcing causing multiple increases in RPM with the noise generated

So plan from here is to validate that the earth did the trick and MAYBE shield the sensor wire. [BTW Bob you did keep telling me that... :-) ]

Add back one Automotive Ignition Harness at a time. Start with the one providing all the right numbers the LEFT. Check and confirm all still working as expected.

See if the RIGHT harness is due to inexperienced workmanship and try to adjust the spring ends and validate if they can get a better connection. If corrected add back into system.

If not, get two new leads, then add back into system. Validate RPM stays same and smile...

In the end if this goes as I expect it will, the issues were as follows:

a. Bad earth at battery
b. Not validating components function as they were added into system.
c. MAYBE needing a shielded sensor.

All in all I want to thank everyone for their help and time so far in trying to get to the botto
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