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The RV-10 Dream
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Date:  3-20-2012
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  My Engine...

Here are the guys from the Thunderbolt division of Lycoming with my engine.

Isn't she pretty......... hehehehe

From left to right are Frank, Kevin, Gary (Mechanics Manager), Jeff Schan (Sales Manager), and Terry. These are the guys who organised the build and constructed the engine.

To the build team, thanks for the care and attention.

I have said this before, however, Jeff was fantastic. He helped me work through the build, aiding my decision making with suggestions and opinions, and above all, ensuring I was happy with the outcome. I could not have asked for a better supplier.

I rarely experience customer service of this level. Thanks again.

I am now finalising the shipping and can't wait for it to land. Lovely!!
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My engine with my new mates...

My engine with my new mates...

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