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Date:  11-20-2016
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  6.6.2
Brief Description:  Bent avionics shelf and triax ends to hold up.

I cut the avionics shelf to size and had my friend Dustan try to bend it for me but no luck. I headed out to my friend Kevin Marks in Christina Lake BC to bend this for me. Great guy and successful business man and family run organization.

This is his web site. If you need something made, give him a call!

I also did the triax lay-ups to hold in place after it was bent and fitted. I got it into place and duct taped the fuselage and tray and tried to place the triax with no luck. I had to let sit for 2.5 hours to get really sticky and it finally stayed in place.

I did other things (like: clean chimney, wood stove prep)

The brackets turned out great.
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