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Date:  7-28-2014
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  9.4.3
Brief Description:  Glass in top strake to fuselage

I cleaned up the weights from the top of the strake and removed peel-ply from yesterday. I then cut the junction at the wing to strake area where the 3 bids were laid up to close the gap. I marked the back of the strake were it attaches to the wing and cut this area as well.
I sanded all areas were the next glass work was to be and wiped down with acetone. Mixed up some micro balloons and filled in the corners with a nice radius mixed up some resin and started to wet out the 2 bids to be put on.
A friend Brian came by and talked for only 20 minutes and the resin was starting to set up fast with the summer heat in the shop.
I really had to add lots of heat this time to have the resin flow out and saturate the peel-ply.
I ‘m really happy with the time and results these few days getting things done on the plane.
Cynthia will be back from her kayaking trip up the Vancouver Island trip soon so the house work will just have to wait until she is back.
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2 bids with peel-ply

2 bids with peel-ply

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