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Date:  11-15-2010
Number of Hours:  23.80
Manual Reference:  Plans
Brief Description:  Attached flaperons. Gas lines.

These hours accumulated as follows:
Date RR CJ
11/9 2.3
10 2.3
12 1.7
13 3.8 1.7
14 6.6 5.4
16.7 7.1

First we attached the brake parking brake off/on control usinjg the bracket made by Barrie Strachan. The we attached the gas line shutoff valve also using his bracket. The gas line between the gascolator and the shut off valve was installed. (All lines which go through the back of the seat are just waiting for the seat to be installed, which will be one of the last things done.)

Then we went to work on the flaperons. All connections were put in place and adjusted. We finally have the left hand adjustments as short as possible and the right hand adjustments as long as possible to get the flaperons at an equal angle when the stick is near the center. The flap motor fully retracted gives a good zero degree flap angle for the inboard flaperons.

No pictures this time.
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