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Date:  10-29-2010
Number of Hours:  28.10
Manual Reference:  Various
Brief Description:  Wiring, top wing panel, fuel lines, elevator contr

These hours accumulated as follows:

Date RR CJ
10/25 4.7 2.0
26 7.8 5.7
27 4.0 3.9
16.5 11.6

I bought some cable, turnbuckles and U-connectors from Home Depot to make a trial control cable for the elevator. This way I could make rough changes to the length by the flexibility of the U-connectors. This worked fine, although the Home Depot hardware is clunky looking, it was fine for a prototype. I fine that nylon will need be placed in a couple of points where the cable comes close to or touches the aluminum as it goes through the horizontal stabilizer and the upper fuselage.

Progress was made in taking the fuel lines from both tanks to a "T" on the LHS and from there down under the seat to the gascolator. This is all done. With this done, the inner top wing panels were screwed into place and clico'd ready to rivet. The OAT sensor is in place on the bottom of the right wing and the wire is bundled with the wingtip light wire.

The fuel gauge sensor and wing tip light wires are routed down to the cockpit floor and the covers are clico'd into place in a fairly neat arrangement.

Sorry didn't have my camera handy. Will get pix next time.
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