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Date:  10-4-2010
Number of Hours:  56.50
Manual Reference:  Various
Brief Description:  Elevator, Wing Panels, Fuselage Stiffner

These hours were accumulated as follows:
Date RR CJ
9/22/10 1.5
23 4.7 4.4
24 3.0
25 1.5
26 5.3 1.8
27 2.7 2.4
10/1/10 4.1 3.8
2 3.5 1.9
3 7.8 4.2
4 3.9
38.0 18.5

This period saw a lot of planning and a variety of preliminary tasks done. The elevator was fitted to the stabilizer. It seemed to fit fine between the end brackets after a bit of trimming was done n the skin and on the bracket on the stabilizer. It was then found that a professional angle drill will be needed to drill the hole in the center hinge. I arranged to borrow one from Parowan Aero, but a new 3/16 inch bit had to be ordered and we are waiting for that.

Meanwhile we installed the fuselage doubler which Zenith has added to the plans. This apparently was added from experience. It beefs up the fuselage under the baggage compartment. It is intended to go inside the side skin but, since my insides were finished, I installed it outside after clearing this with Zenith (Roger).

I then spent several hours installing rivnuts in the inboard panel to the top of the wings. This was to provide the possibility of repair in this compartment if ever needed later. It is a lot of tedious work. One rivnut tool broke after 23 rivnuts and was returned to Spruce for exchange. Meanwhile I ordered a simpler one which has worked well. The components in it also bend and break, but they are locally available expendable washers and bolts. I still need to do about 20 more of the approx 80 total.
No pictures this time.
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