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Date:  5-12-2020
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Install Suntail Light

1330 - 1430

Install Suntail light.

As the wires attached to the light were too short for optimum routing, I extended them using 20 awg shielded 3 wire cable. The extensions were soldered; the pigtail was terminated with a 4 pin Deutsch connector.

The mating connector was then attached to the fuselage wiring. A service loop was included, long enough to disconnect the wiring in the event the rudder would need to be removed.

I spoke with Aeroleds today, about the mount ground and I ended up routing a separate ground from the light housing to an aircraft ground. This is for static and lightning reasons, not for the actual light wiring. The wire was joined with a .25" PIDG connector for ease of removal. The associated ring terminal will be attached to a rudder post bolt.

The light was connected and the system powered to verify wiring. Ops checks good.

I also wanted to verify the current draw from the strobe, as all three strobes are on one circuit. The VPX indicated a cycling peak of 3.4 amps. I hope that a 10 amp circuit will work...
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