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Date:  10-31-2020
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Engine prep part 1

Removed the top and two sides from the engine crate. Noticed that the back right valve cover is dented. Called Jimmy Brode at JB Aircraft Engines about it and sent him some photos.

Also talked to Jimmy about where to install the fitting for the oil pressure line. There are two ports next to each other. One location is on the side and looks like it would interfere with the motor mount and one is on the back and would require the removal of the RH magneto. Jimmy recommended the one on the side and said it looks like it would interfere with the motor mount but it doesn't.

Tried to remove the plug in the side port but the drive hole stripped so I removed the one in the back and installed the 45 degree restrictor fitting in it. I had to remove the magneto to get the fitting in so I'll have to re check the timing before I start the engine. It’s probably good idea to check both mags anyway.

Studied the plans and photos of other aircraft to determine where the other fitting and sensors on the back of the engine will go.
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