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Date:  2-14-2010
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  I make another rib

Today, Valentine's Day, Vicky and I decided to celebrate the day by.... flying. However, we had to choose which airplane first: the Super Decathlon or the Twin Comanche. I wanted to fly the D but she wanted to fly the Twin. Since it was Valentine's Day, she won.

We went up, shot an ILS (actually a GPS with VNav that acts like an ILS but it more precise) and did a couple of take-offs and landings. Fun. Very gusty: winds were 300 at 17G24 and we were landing runway 34. Lots of fun.

Then to the shop... Vicky had to stick around because she had a student on an IFR checkride so we went to the shop to wait.

I glued up a wingtip rib (just a little smaller than the main ribs and without a "tail") and then I got to use the Parting Board I made last fall. It worked perfectly! What a surprise. I guess Bill (Scheunemann) really does know what he's doing because that rib came out of the rib in perfect shape and with perfect ease. I was thrilled.

I had a helper there (Rafael Olarte) who cleaned the excess epoxy off the jig so now it's ready for another rib.

Next Saturday I want to complete at least four ribs!
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