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Date:  2-16-2010
Number of Hours:  2.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  More rib work. And jig prep

The weather is lousy here so I decided to play a little hookie this afternoon and go to the shop.

This coming weekend Mel and I are going to have a big building session so I want to be ready for it. Mel will be making standard lower wing ribs and I will make compression ribs. The compression ribs take a little prep: pre-bending the cap strips and building up the nose piece. So here's what I did.

First, when I made the jig to pre-bend the cap strips last fall, I discovered that I put too much bend in the cap strips. Coming out of the jig, they were too bent. Who would have thought? So, I re-profiled the jig to make a more accurte curve. Also, i cut some cap strips to length and put them in the soaker. Tomorrow morning I'll pull them out and put them in the jig. By the time our Saturday buidling session comes around, they'll be pre-bent and dry.

Also, the nose piece on the compression ribs are built up. The main piece comes from Bill S. routed to size. However, you have to add 3/8 x 1/4 stock to support the gusset. I'll have a photo added to this post by tomorrow to illustrate.

Also, I noticed that my epoxy from John Greer ( expired in January. Ugh, that's what I get for building too slowly. So I called John and he said that as long as the resin was not cloudy, no problem. If it is, then there's an easy fix and I should call him back. I think it's fine.

Finally, I made some popping boards for the jigs I'm working with this coming weekend. I cannot overstate how easy the popping boards make getting the partially assembled rib out of the jig. What a difference some expert advice makes.

I have to comment on a couple more things. If anyone is considering using a Bill Scheunemann wing kit... DO IT! You'll have a better wing: stronger, easier to build, more accurate, and Bill has been great. I'm sure he rolls his eyes with some of my questions, but the benefit of his learning curve is extraordinary. Thanks, Bill
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