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Date:  2-13-2010
Number of Hours:  2.50
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Brief Description:  Mel glues his first rib.

Today Mel and I met for a lesson in the Decathlon. Lots of fun - Mel is now tailwheel qualified. Wahoo! Then to the shop.

Last week Mel cut and fit the parts for his first rib. Today, he glued it and attached the gussets. Mel has completed his first rib. Next time, we'll look at the rib (it will have dried by then) and see what's good and what needs improvement, then he'll make another.

After glueing his first rib, Mel did cut and fit the pieces for a second rib before leaving for the night.

While teaching Mel to build a rib, I haven't gotten much done. But, by teaching Mel and Chris Porter how to make ribs, I hope to speed up the process when we're all making them simultaneously. In short, we're making progress.
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