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Dons Web site

Don Owens
Twisp, WA - USA
Van's Aircraft - RV-7
Lycoming - O-360
Total Build Time:

Welcome to my Kitlog Pro website.

I began this project in Cameron Air Park in California before moving to Twisp Washington. Twisp is located in North Central Washington - 1:30 North of Wenatchee.

I am retired from a "heavy metal" job and try and get something done each day. I would like to hear from other RV- builders in the area. My email is: I have most of the RV-7 exterior complete up to the firewall, except for the canopie. That is a biggie and is the one I will begin in a day or so.

Previous projects include a Varieze, a C-150 basket case rebuild, a Cassutt racer and a show quality hotrod.

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