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Date:  3-29-2015
Number of Hours:  5.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Landing gear mounted

I mounted the first lower braket per the provided plans by aligning it with a square. After the first bracket was mounted, I bolted both spar brackets to my workbench along the centerline. With both legs secure, I measured the distance from the line with a plumb bob and clamped the second lower gear bracket to it's leg. Once I was sure they were both the same length, and that the bracket was aligned, I drilled and mounted it. The bottom of each leg was then ground on a belt sander to match the lower braket face.

I clamped the gear to the main spar, leveled it with the fuselage, checked it for distance from centerline, distance from the bottom of the spar, and angle of the gear leg. After everything matched, I drilled all the holes through the spar and bolted them on.

I clamped the axles to the lower bracket, rotated them to help with caliper clearance, and marked/drilled the holes. After the holes were drilled I had to grind away some of the bracket to make room for the cleveland brake caliper.

I still have to add flox to both connections on the leg to finish it but I am waiting until I'm sure I dont need to remove anything.
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