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Date:  11-11-2020
Number of Hours:  14.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Finished!

11/3 3
Registered ELT
Submitted forms for inspection
Looked over plane with friends for discrepancies
Securing more wiring
Fixed noted discrepancies
ELT test C/W, next due Feb 3
11/4 1
Installed fabric for foot area
Hardware cleanup
Cleaned out interior
11/7 4
Installed new oil drain plug and Safety wired
Adjusted control sticks
Replaced engine oil
Redid all oil fittings with EZ lube
Cleaned out interior again
Set engine timing to 28 degrees
11/8 2
Made new dipstick with proper level lines
Added inline fuse to starter switch
Test ran engine. Full static rpm is 2840
Fried AFR gauge with radio transmission
11/10 2
Transponder test completed
Installed new AFR guage. No interference with radio noted
Have to relocate transponder antenna. It is setting off the ELT
11/11 2
Reloctaed transponder anntenna
Finished new AFR Install
Verified prop bolt torque
Drained/cleaned/safetied gascolator
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