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Date:  4-30-2020
Number of Hours:  70.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Fueslage bodywork

4/5 4
Mounted rudder pedals
Sanded LL elevator to 80 grit
4/6 2
Elevator hinge gap work
4/7 2
Bolted in elevator
Rolled on 3 layers of smooth prime
Sanded it down
4/8 4
Wet sanding prep
-Flipped airplane upright
-Installed misc instruments and controls
4/9 4
Rigged elevator controls
Installed seat belt
Fitting work for canopy/aft deck
Microed top of elevator
4/10 2.5
Glassed inside of aft deck
4/11 2
-Installed wings and worked aileron alignment
-fiberglass work on ailerons
4/12 2
Glassed aft deck ends
Started blocking top elevator
Glassed left aileron repair
4/13 2
Trimmed glass from yesterday
Microed 50% of ailerons
Blocked elevator more w/80
4/14 1.5
Microed other side of ailerons
Blocked elevator and filled lows
4/15 2
Glassed aft deck edges
4/16 2
Floxed aft deck to fuse
4/17 1
Glassed aft deck to fuse
Cowling work
4/18 5
Microed front deck
Sanded rudder
Started sanding ailerons
4/19 5
Sanded ailerons and spot filled
Sanded to 80 grit
Worked on aileron control horns
Sanded front deck and spot filled
Sanded to 80 grit
4/20 2
Microed aft deck
Sanded cowling
4/21 1
-Applied more micro on aft deck in spots
-Glass repair on canopy frame
-And of course, sanding
4/22 3
Blocking aft deck
4/23 2
Cowling work
Canopy filling
4/24 2
Painted inside of canopy
4/25 5
Installed engine
Cowling mods
4/26 5
Spot filled aft deck and canopy frame
Cowling work
Wiring work
4/27 2.5
Sanded aft deck spot fill
Glassed wing root fairing
Body work on cowling
4/28 2.5
Trimmed glasswork
Microed front deck gaps and misc
Spot filling
Sanded down spot fills
4/29 2
Spot filling and sanding pinholes/lows
4/30 2.5
Taped off and filled tail area w/foam
Sanded foam to contour for fairing
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