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Date:  5-15-2018
Number of Hours:  15.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Right wing/Aileron

5/1 .5
Made cut line to prepare to remove wing
5/2 3
-Removed wing
-Rearranged garage
-Cut out right wing ailerons and started working on aileron spar
5/3 3
Made aileron spars
Started hinge install
5/5 1.5
Finished hinge install
Made aileron counter balance brackets
Made one aileron control arm
5/7 1
Floxed nut plates to spars
Worked on lower wing root fillets
5/8 1
Floxed in one aileron spar and worked on more fillets
5/9 1
Glassed wing side aileron spar
Glassed lower wing fillet
5/15 4
Floxed aileron spar
Glassed spar
Clearanced for counterweight
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