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Date:  9-28-2014
Number of Hours:  13.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Siding and seat

I finished up the plywood siding on the right side of the fuselage with exception of the last bay. I am leaving it open until I finish mounting the tailwheel and horizontal stab.

I also started making my seat. I started with three pieces of particle board cut to the side profile. Then I made a jig with two boards on each end that were the same height and width of my spars. The voids between the side profile boards were filled with urethane foam and sanded to contour. I added one layer of fiberglass and let it cure. The foam and fiberglass was then transferred to the plane in between the spars. I added one more layer of fiberglass that wrapped around the spars which were covered in duct tape. A piece of 1/4" polystyrene foam was microed on top of the wet glass at the same time. Finally, I added two more layers of fiberglass on top of the foam and let it cure. I will be removing the seat assembly from the plane and cutting away most of the urethane foam from the bottom and making it in to strengthening ribs.

Update: 11/16/2014...After the seat cured there were some spots that did not bond properly. I considered starting over but I had a chance to talk to Joe Horton and examine how his seat was made. I just need to fix a couple spots and it should work out great. I removed the delaminated portion from the front and intend to redo that layup. After that I will be doing some trimming and add reinforcing ribs underneath.
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