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Date:  6-14-2009
Number of Hours:  21.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Placed canopy spacers and made the 3rd cut

Tonight I cut 1/4" spacers from some plastic tubing I bought from Home Depot. I then taped the spacers to the canopy framework. I can not fit the canopy to the framework with the 1/4" spacing that the Sikkaflex adhesive requires. I then marked and cut the canopy for the third time. It looks as though I still have about 3/4" to go on the front of the canopy, so I marked it at the 1/2" mark for the next cut. In this way, I am following the time honored builder's tradition of sneaking up on the final dimension. This avoids the pain of cutting too much and using the refrain "I have cut it twice and it is still too short!"
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