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My RV-7A
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Date:  4-4-2009
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Drilling tank attach points to wing spar

- Clecoed leading edge to the main spar after drilling the Rib/baffle/Z-bracket. Having the LE removed, made it easier to drill the T-703-L Rib, even though the builder's guide doesn't indicate doing this.

- Removed vinyl from the inside of the tank skin and clecoed the skin to the Rib/baffle/Z-bracket and main spar. This took a bit of rangling due to the leading edge bend and skin thickness.But, the gap I had earlier is now gone! Must have been the vinyl coating. Hoping it stays that way once rivited.

- Matched drilled the T-701 to W-423 with #30 drill bit

- Removed clecoed fuel tank from wing and place it in the tank stand for match hole drilling
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