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Steve & Nancy Riffe
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Date:  9-24-2016
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Ran ELT wiring

No pics tonight. I have decided on a location to mount the ELT—right rear armrest. I wanted to install it under the empennage, but the 406 antennas are just too long. I am planning for an ACK 406 (E-04). I ran a 3 wire shielded cable from the front panel area to the ELT mounting position one bay aft of the Dynon pitch servo. I stripped back insulation and made a connection to ground and connected the power wire to the VP-X. I also twisted the shield from the cable and made another connection to the ground tabs. For the GPS input, I used the TX wire from serial port 4 of the Dynon and connected with a D-sub pin and socket- covered the connection with shrink tubing. I plan to order and install the ELT early next month.
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