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RV-7A Construction Log
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Date:  11-28-2008
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  List of FARs and ACs for Experimentals

FAR 21.191 Basic definition of Amateur Built
FAR 21.175 Classification of airworthiness
FAR 21.193 What documentation to submit

FAR 45.22 N-number rules
FAR 45.25 45.27 where to put N-number
FAR 45.23 rules for letter size

FAR 47 covers registration
FAR 47.15 reserve special N-number
FAR 47.17 Costs of registration
FAR 47.33 Requirements for registration

FAR 91.205 VFR requirements
AC 20-27F Certification
AC 20-139 Assistance
AC 21-12B Application for Airworthiness Certificate
Form 8130-6 form
AC 43.13-1B/12A Acceptable Methods & Techniques

FAR 91.305 Flight Test
FAR 91-319 Operating limitations
FAR 91.327 91.319 use for hire
AC 90-89A Flight testing process
FAR 21.181 normal operations
FAR 91.25 accident reporting
FAR 91.319 Operating limitations
FAR 91.207 ELT rules
FAR 91.215 ELT checks
FAR 43 Appendix D checklist for inspections
FAR 21.93 defines major and minor alterations
AC 39-7C airworthiness directives
AC 65-23A hot to get repairman certificate for your homebuilt
AC 43.13-1B/-2A maintenance
FAR 21.179 selling information
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