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RV-7A Construction Log
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Date:  8-11-2018
Number of Hours:  0.30
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Transportation to Airport 1

There is no more things I can put together on this RV until I put on the wings. I can't even upgrade the software because the roll servo is not attached to the SkyView Network.

So I tried to find a trailer -- long story, but didn't.

I paid the car tow truck to come move the fuselage. $100 was worth it. Solid transportation, no issues, no damage.

The bed on the truck slides backwards and then down. The tail did not hit when pulling it up the ramp. The truck has a wench so we used it to pull the RV up the ramp.

It was tied down by the wheels, solidly and off we went to the airport. It is every bit of 0.7 miles to the airport.
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