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RV-7A Construction Log
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Date:  11-5-2015
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Horizontal Stabilizer Painting 4

I did the same process of taping for the grey and then the blue.

The top side with the filled rivets looked much better than the bottom side where the rivets were not filled. So I've decided to fill all the rivets on the whole airplane from here on out. Yikes.

The wet paint cured and looks wet, like it is suppose to. I am not sanding and polishing the lines between the colors like I thought I would because the line is not much and the trash is hardly visible.

You can see the HS and elevators in photo below and the designed pattern by Julie is starting to show.

But I've gotta make a change on who to tape for 3 colors.
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