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RV-7A Construction Log
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Date:  5-5-2018
Number of Hours:  1.00
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Brief Description:  Aux Fuel Pump Final Installation 1

Time to finish installing the Aux Fuel Pump. I pulled together the wires into bundles and put tie wraps around them. Then set the cover and pump in place. Seems to fit. It should.

First thing I had to do was re-address the pipe fit at the valve. The rounded piece I made earlier didn't fit and was too scratched. The straight tube with a 90 degree knuckle was too long. So I had to make another connecting tube. I made it slightly bent so by twisting it I could change its distance from the filter it connected tube. It was hard to get all these fittings to connect.

I tightend them, but not too much. I used tread sealer.

I pulled the forward hose up thru the square hole and connected it to the forward end of the fuel pump. I tightened all the fittings and put latex paint on them as an indicator. I hope they don't leak.
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