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Scott's Aircraft Build Logs
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Date:  5-25-2015
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Sikaflex day two - 01

Julie and I pulled the canopy off the aircraft for the final Sikaflex work this morning. The first step was to inspect the area in front and behind the aft frame. With the canopy on the aircraft you can not really see how well the Sikaflex filled the area and extends to a nice bead. Image one shows the aft side of the frame looking up at the left side. Kind of a bad image. The thick black line is the area of the canopy that over hangs the aft frame. It is black from the Sikaflex primer. The second image is on the front side of the frame. You can see the Sikaflex bead around the top of the frame.

I retaped these areas and re-applied Sikaflex to ensure a nice bead and complete coverage. As long as you are within 24 hours you do not have to reprime. This area was done first to make sure I was working inside of the 24 hours.
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