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Steve's CH750 Cruzer (N750SB)
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Date:  5-10-2018
Number of Hours:  6.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Continuing to wire panel

Continuing to wire up the panel. Today I hooked up the following to the respective power/ground/switches, but have not connected the remote heads to the com/transponder:

2) COM Radio
3) Transponder
4) Flaps motor and switch
5) Viking View and Tach power
6) Wingtip Nav and Strobe
7) Heater

Right now it looks like I'm just building a new rats nest, but once everything is connected, I can start organizing into looms and get things tied off. I'm also continuing to label the wires so I can easily restore everything when I get the final panel cutout.

A partial list of things still to do includes:
1) Trim
2) Fuel Gauge
3) ELT
4) Ship power for the tablet
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More stuff going into the power panel

More stuff going into the power panel

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