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Steve's CH750 Cruzer (N750SB)
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Date:  2-19-2019
Number of Hours:  1.75
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Test run before inspection

Put a couple gallons in each tank and started the engine to make sure everything is good for inspection. The engine purrs like a kitten until 1900RPM when it gets very rough and won't go any higher. Took some time to troubleshoot, but could not identify a cause. I suspect the updated ECU which was given a software upgrade last September. I have started the engine without the prop since then, but have kept the RPM low until now.

Called Jan at Viking the next day and described the symptoms. He immediately recognized a software setting that is causing the problem and will send a new ECU to swap out. I lost sleep over this one, but feel much better that the cause is known and I didn't do it.
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