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Steve Zelenys RV-7
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Date:  5-2-2010
Number of Hours:  2.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Dimpling the skins for the horizontal stabilizer.

I started to dimple the skins for the horizontal stabilizer on sunday. In my haste to complete my task I accidentaly dented the r/h skin, in a poor attempt to fix my mistake I have made the problem worse. I feel that that skin is now beyond repair...very discouraging. Nothing a call to Vans and a couple hundred dollars wont fix. Lesson learned : dont rush and always use the the correct tools. I took a few pictures, but they dont show the full extent of the damage. It may be possible to repair and re-use this piece but I would not be happy putting this skin on my airplane. Into the scrap bin it goes.
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